Friday, July 27, 2012

Starting out with a bang.

We as a family made it safe to our new home in Louisville, KY.

Here is just a piece of our family adventure getting here. Machelle will probably blog about this in greater detail in the time to come.

As we were approaching the last 15 minutes of our over 1400 mile family adventure, we drove into a genuine rain storm. Then we started seeing lightning. Now to some of you out there, this would be a bad thing. But my wife and I love rain and storms. We certainly enjoyed it, despite the rain obscuring our windshields.

When we actually drove into Kentucky we could tell the lightning was very close, as there was no real break from when we saw the lightning to when we heard it.

Then it dawned on me: it's like the Lord is throwing us a party for having made it safely! He is such a good Daddy, after all...

As a matter of fact, the party He was throwing was so great that he blew out the power for over 9,000 homes, including that of our own new apartment.

We had some great people there ready to help us unload our moving truck and all, but under the circumstances we had concluded to hold off until tomorrow for safety and sanity's sake. So we as a family are holed up in a hotel for the night, safe, sound, and showered.

I am wholeheartedly thankful to those who showed up to spend that little bit of time with us today, and look forward to all of the continuing time we now get to spend together.

All in all, I have to admit that this is all just the goodness of the Lord. Even if my children snore.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Honeycomb Tombs

I have recently had the unique and wonderful privilege to listen to the new album Honeycomb Tombs by Karla Adolphe. Seeing as how I know this album will be one to stay in my music catalog for the foreseeable future, I wanted to share a little about it with you.

It was made with the desire to be for people who at some point in their life have faced grief of some kind. Be that grief the death of a loved one, the undesired change of a season in life, the longing for hope where there seems to be none, or of any other kind, everyone faces grief in their life. The music that Karla and her team have poured themselves into touches the very depths of who you are, and does so lovingly, gently, and gracefully.

The music itself is absolutely unforgettable. Each song is like a story told through beauty and pain, and that is the very cry you often see in the book of Psalms. From the soulful cries to the soft melodies, the album truly enables you to feel every movement of this emotional symphony.

From the deep desire left seemingly unmet in "Who Can Hold Me" through the longing for hope in "Ice Road" it is difficult to remain disengaged while listening. If misery could be crafted into a lullaby, "Invisible Lines" would be it. The whole song plays out achingly, like a lyrical dance of mourning. It is just waiting for somebody to choreograph a contemporary dance piece to it.

The art, passion, and care which has been poured out into making this album by all that were involved is sewn all throughout the audio tapestry. It is easy to see why the album's name is taken from the heart of the song "Flying Low," as it talks about breaking free from honeycomb tombs, because this album will be a collection of anthems for freedom, hope, and life through burdens and despairs, and beyond them all. Truly, this album is a taste of what beauty for ashes is all about.

One of the best parts about this album is that it is for free, so go on over here on May 15th and get yourself a free copy of this album. Then after you have done that, tell everyone else you know about it and send them over to Karla's website to get their own copy. If you want to know more about the album itself, or how to get the word out more, email her at

As always, you can feel free to share here what your thoughts are as well about this truly beautiful album, put together by this truly beautiful lover of Jesus.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

An American Missionary

It was 13 years ago now that I first surrendered my life to Jesus.

It was only one year later that I surrendered my life to missions, and seeing the world loved and changed in the name of Jesus and by His power at work in me and through me.

It was now only 9 years since the Lord Himself shattered my dreams and revealed to me that I was meant to stay long term here in the United States of America according to His plan. The good news for that is I know that as a piece of that plan, I was still called and equipped to go overseas and meet the needs there, but more on a short term basis than a long one.

The summer of 2003 was the last mission trip that I went on, to Botswana Africa. Now in the summer of 2012 I will be taking a group overseas to Thailand on a month long mission trip, including my wife Machelle; our three kids Kylee, Chloe, and Josiah; three of the youth in the ministry we have been leading for over four years Andrew, Andrea, and Julia; and many more wonderful people that we have yet to meet.

If you'd like to help us get there, you can donate to the trip online here and be sure to use our group ID 2659982 once you get there.

Once we get back stateside, my family and I will be moving on into the next season the Lord has for us...

We are moving to Louisville, Kentucky to join the pastoral team of Destiny Church in the Highlands out there.

If you want more information on us specifically as a part of Destiny, you can go to our site and check it out. We also have a breakdown on the site for what we need in order to get there.

We know the Lord has had us here in Grand Junction, Colorado for a good reason. We have come to know many wonderful people, and are greatly looking forward to continuing those relationships.

We are also greatly looking forward to these next steps the Lord has for us as a family, too.

I know that this is all beautifully orchestrated by the Lord, so as to fulfill His full and wonderful plan for our lives.

Looking back, I see now that from the very beginning I was called to be an American missionary. The people here in the states need reaching out to, and a desire to also reach out themselves. So this is just me embracing my call. I am fully surrendered to missions. First comes Thailand. Then comes Destiny Church in Louisville, KY. Then... There are no limits.

Monday, April 16, 2012

We're going to Thailand!

This family update has been a long time coming.

On July 5th, all five of us in our family plus three of the youth in our ministry are leaving for a month long mission trip to Thailand. We will start and end our journey briefly in Texas, where we will be meeting the rest of our team that is going, and receiving the necessary training to be the most effective we possibly can while in country.

We are all very excited about being able to travel the globe as a family, especially knowing it will all be for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even the kids can show you where Thailand is on our little bouncy globe. We know the Lord is calling us there for many different reasons. Certainly one of the greatest reasons is because of the dire need that is found there.

For info on the trip go here: If you select "Quick Facts" you will see details about Thai culture and how to pray.

We have been doing fundraisers since the summer of 2011 for getting us over there, but we still have a long way to go financially. As we write this (April 16th) we have 80 days left before we leave, and we need your help to make it there. Be it through prayer and/or financial support, we want to offer you the chance to partner with us and with the Lord for what He is going to do this summer.

If you are interested in helping through prayer support, send us a private message and we will put you on our prayer team newsletter.

If you are interested in helping through financial support, you can go to Global Expeditions' website and donate directly to us there. The direct link is and our Group ID to donate to is 2659982, so feel free to do so as soon as possible! We need roughly $4400 per person, so any and all gifts are fully welcomed and appreciated!

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know. We will definitely be keeping you updated as we prepare to go change the world, and while we are over there too!